Aaron Rodriguez



Acting Work Experience Film/tv/web

"Dark Embrace"                                      Lead                                      Broke Gorilla Productions

"Tell Me"                                                 Lead                                      Broke Gorilla Productions

"My Crazy Love" (110)                         Featured                                       Jarrett Creative Group

​​"Mysteries at the Castle" (Various)      Supporting/Extra                      Optomen Productions Inc

"I'd Kill For You"                                    Featured                                Peacock Productions NBC

"Tag (The Vandals)"                                Lead                                                   Thomas Minerva

"Screen Trek"                                        Supporting                            Jade Seal Productions Inc.

"Mysteries at the Museum"                Supporting/Extra                       Optomen Productions inc.

"Dates From Hell" (306)                         Featured                                        Sharp Entertainment

"Monumental Mysteries" (Various)      Lead/Extras                            Optomen Productions inc.

"Mancave"                                                 Lead                                   Broke Gorilla Productions "The Bachleor Party"                                Lead                                               Circle of Life Films  "The Cell Phone"                                     Lead                                               Circle of Life Films

"Scorned" (404)                                       Extra                                  Optomen Productions Inc.  

"Show Box" commercial                          Extra                                                     Dir: Guy Nattiv   

Non Acting Work experience


  • Ability to do multiple accents which include: Southern, Western, Hispanic, Italian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Diva, etc. Also able to pick up accents and fair at impressions.
  • Able to do character work/voices, for example: Hero, Villain, Dope, Pirate, Fantasy etc.
  • Martial Arts: Karate, Jujitsu, Thai Kick Boxing. 
  • Drivers and Motorcycle Licensed. 
  • Owner of The Arena, www.TheArenaFit.com
  • Owner of The Touch Workshop, www.TheTouchWorkshop.com
  • Licensend Massage Therapist and Certified Personal Trainer
  • Previous jobs that give authenticity for roles are: Waiter, Bartender, Manager, Airline, Dr's Office/Desk Job


Age: 33

​Height: 5'10"

Weight: 165 lbs

​Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Skin: White

​Ethnicity: Mixed/Ambiguous

​Located: Valley Stream, NY


  • New York Acting for school for Film and TV: Mark Stolzenberg Acting Classes, Star in a Movie Classes.
  • B.A Queens College, Political Science, Theater Minor.
  • A.S Swedish Institute College of Health Services.